Frédéric Isoletta

Pianist, organist, Frédéric is an eclectic artist with multiple talents, exploring various repertoires ranging from early to contemporary music. Associate professor of musicology and certified in history of the arts, he obtained Premiers Prix at the Conservatories of Grenoble and Marseille in piano, piano accompaniment, organ, continuo and improvisation, chamber music, writing, formation musicale, analysis, musical culture, orchestration and arrangement. Holder of the Diploma of State Piano accompaniment specialized in voices accompaniment and winner of the Prix Henri Tomasi, he is since 2010 pianist in International Festival of Art Lyric of Aix en Provence and the Vanderbilt Academy. Pedagogical director of the second session of the Summer Academy Espace Musique et Montagne of Chaillol, he directs the symphonic orchestras cycles 1 and 2 of the National Conservatory of Marseille. He regularly accompanies competitions, auditions, master-class, is involved in juries and holds the organs of the Dominican Convent and the Sainte Marguerite parish. Interested in musical pedagogy, all forms of art and the connections that connect them, he gives musical conferences (Grand Theater of Provence, Alcazar …) and performs in concerts in France and abroad.
He works regularly with the ensemble Musicatreize, the Contemporary Choir, the Musical Offerings, the Odeon, the Marseille Opera, Hyssop, the Da Camera Ensemble, Ramfis Production, Concerto Soave, Lyric Opera, the Company 1.618, the Festival of Aix, the Easter Festival …. and recently created works by Lionel Ginoux, Rey Eisen, Vladimir Cosma, Vincent Beer-Ask, Régis Campo, Florent Gauthier, François Rossé, Philippe Festou, Daniel Hue, Etienne Rolin, Claude Bolling and Jean-Claude Petit. He shared the stage with artists as diverse as Michael Lonsdale, Sandrine Piau, François Rossé and Fred Nevchéhirlian.