The bands

We present different bands adapted to the chosen repertoire, the type and the atmosphere of your event.

Here are some examples.




Quartet / Orchestra


Other bands :

Solo Piano, Solo Harp, Solo Guitar

Cello-piano (ceremony, drink reception), Cello-harp (ceremony, drink reception), Cello-guitar (ceremony, drink reception), Violin-organ (ceremony), Flute-harp (ceremony, drink reception), Flute-piano (ceremony , drink reception), Flute-guitar (ceremony, drink reception), Flute-organ (ceremony), Voice-harp (ceremony), Voice-piano (ceremony, drink reception), Voice-guitar (ceremony, drink reception, dinner), Voice-organ (ceremony)

Violin-cello-piano (ceremony), Violin-cello-guitar (ceremony), Violin-guitar-piano (ceremony, drink reception), Violin-flute-harp (ceremony), Violin-flute-piano (ceremony), Violin-oboe-harp (ceremony), Voice-violin-guitar (ceremony, drink reception), Voice-violin-piano (ceremony, drink reception), Voice-cello-harp (ceremony)

Bands beyond the quartet 

Within the limit of an optimal musical coherence and after acceptance of the offer related to the special arrangements of the musical program.

If you would like to learn more about the available bands, contact us !